Best Antivirus Software

A single mistake, such as downloading a file or falling for a scam can ruin your day and even your computer. Best antivirus software will guard you by checking your device for malware and removing any malware or malicious codes before they cause damage. The best antivirus products also come with a variety of useful tools that can protect you from everything from viruses and ransomware to Trojan horses.

Bitdefender is among our top choices for the best antivirus software in 2023. It gives you watertight protection across all your devices, thanks to an array of features. Its most recent packages also come with an array of other useful tools like an advanced web filter, password manager and VPN modules to help keep your data secure. Bitdefender’s family security plan offers additional security for up to ten computers or tablets and comes with a generous three-month money back guarantee.

Webroot is a fantastic alternative to the major players in the industry. It offers fast and accurate malware detection with minimal impact on system resources. Webroot’s lightweight engine scans for malware in less than 20 seconds. Its intelligent firewall monitoring’ and real-time anti phishing and ID theft protection impressed us during our tests. The big independent labs don’t recommend the antivirus software as a basic one, but upgradeable versions include Internet Security Plus with its more comprehensive features as well as an excellent family suite that offers additional tools for online privacy.

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